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Stress Management and Resilience Program for COVID-19 Frontliners and Disaster First Responders

Overcome these challenging times with a unique breathing and relaxation program.

IAHV Philippines is here to  support you!

You have been taking care of the sick and needy in an overstrained healthcare system. You have been ensuring food supply and essential services are maintained for all. You have been keeping law and order in these insecure times. You have been providing essential resources for all Filipinos.


This unprecedented situation is likely putting immense stress on you. You may be feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, anxious, and exhausted physically and mentally.


We commit to caring for all our frontline workers during this global pandemic.

Eligible Key Workers Include:


Law, Order, and Security.png

Law, Order, & Security

Food Supply.png

Food Supply & Distribution



Transport Workers.png

Transport Workers

Social Care.png

Social Care

Practical Benefits for Personal Well-being and Resilience:

Improved health, immunity, sleep and reduced anxiety, depression, burn-out

Increased energy levels and sense of rejuvenation

Deep release of chronic and accumulated stress, trauma and healing

Access to inner peace in the midst of chaos and conflict

Better clarity of mind and greater focus

Improved ability to manage challenging situations and people

Independent research from four different continents, published in more than 70 peer-reviewed articles, has shown that sky and accompanying practices significantly:
  • Reduce levels of stress (reduces cortisol – the “stress” hormone)

  • Benefit the immune system

  • Relieve anxiety & depression (mild, moderate & severe)

  • Relieve Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms

  • Enhance health, well-being, emotional regulation & peace of mind

  • Affect the mind-body system at the molecular level

  • Enhance brain and autonomic nervous system function (increases mental focus, calmness & recovery from stressful stimuli)

For more detailed information:


It’s time to take care of yourself so you can continue taking care of others.

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