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Our Impact  in the Philippines

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COVID-19 and 
Disaster Response

IAHV Philippines, in partnership with DOH, has been conducting online Stress Management and Mental Resilience courses to DOH staff and government health care workers all over the country.

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SKY Resilience Program

The SKY Resilience Program is customized for law enforcement officers and departments that will equip them with prevention strategies for occupational stress, improve focus and mental health, heal trauma, and enhance overall resilience.


This program was conducted for the training cadets of the Philippine Military Academy (Sept. 25-28, 2020) and the Philippine National Police (Oct. 9-12, 2020).

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Stress Management and Resilience Program

The SMRP is customized for people working in high-stress and high-risk situations in order to improve stress management, personal resilience, well-being, and performance capacity, as well as to prevent burn-out.


IAHV has trained over 1,400 COVID-19 frontliners and first responders since March 2020.

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SKY Campus Happiness Program

The SKY Campus Happiness Program is a total well-being and resilience program for university populations (students, faculty and staff). It has been conducted in more than 100 universities all over the world.

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SKY Campus for Peace Program

The SKY Campus for Peace Program is customized for university populations (students, faculty and staff) in conflict-affected areas, combining mental health and psychosocial support with peacebuilding. Participants learn to release stress, master emotions, withstand radicalization and peer pressure, solve conflicts using non-violent actions, and use emotional intelligence, social connection, service, and leadership for personal well- being, social change and peacebuilding.


IAHV has trained over 100 students and 50 faculty and staff from Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan and Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology from August to December 2021.

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Prison Program

The IAHV Prison Program (formerly Prison SMART) is an internationally renowned rehabilitation program that effectively transforms the mindsets, attitudes and behavior of offenders, thus aiming to break the cycle of violence in our societies at the root, and reducing re-offending. It also offers crucial stress management and trauma relief for correctional staff and victims of crime.

06 Peacebuilding
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Peacebuilding Program

IAHV Peacebuilding Programs effectively transform the mindsets, attitudes, wellbeing and behavior of individuals and communities engaged in or affected by conflict and violence.


In June 19-21, 2019, IAHV conducted joint workshops in Lanao del Sur that brought together the Armed Forces of the Philippines, 160 members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), 36 Maute-ISIS returnees, and local government representatives – the first time these groups have been brought together in the same room, according to the AFP. 

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Trauma Relief, Resilience and Empowerment Program

This program is intended for highly stressed populations who may be affected by mild and/or severe trauma caused by conflict and violence. It is designed to release acute and basic stress and fears, improve sleep and provide immediate relief.

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