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We provide stress management and psychosocial support for those affected by disasters, conflict and violence.

Program schedules available for 2022!

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Our  Mission

IAHV offers programs to reduce stress and develop leaders so that human values can flourish in people and communities. We foster the daily practice of human values – a sense of connectedness and respect for all people and the natural environment, an attitude of non-violence, and an ethic of social service. Our programs enhance clarity of mind, shift attitudes and behaviors, and develop leaders and communities that are resilient, responsible, and inspired.

Characteristics of the IAHV Approach
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Cost Effective


Applicable across different cultural and social backgrounds




Easily accessible and low risk of stigmatization

Our Impact  in the Philippines

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Want to  contribute?

Be part of the biggest volunteer-driven organization in the world. If you would like to donate a financial contribution, or your time, please contact us.

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IAHV International

IAHV Philippines is the newest branch of a worldwide IAHV network. Visit our international site to see what’s going on.

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